2017 Attendee Demographics

Registration Numbers

  • Total—250
  • Professionals—150
  • Exhibitors—44
  • Spouse, Guest, Media—56
  • Domestic Attendees—99%
  • International Attendees—1%                  

Top 2 Countries 

  • United States—149
  • France—1

Primary Professional Role

Attendees were allowed to choose only one answer.

Responded—150 (100%)


Primary Professional Role Percentage of Attendees who Responded
Physician 41%
Business Administrator 14%
Pharmacist 5%
Researcher 5%
Office Manager 5%
Financial Services Representative 3%
Other 27%

Board Certification or International Equivalent

Some attendees chose more than one response therefore the total number of responses is greater than the total number of attendees who responded.

Responded—143 (92%)

No Response—7 (8%)


Board Certification or International Equivalent Percentage of Attendees who Responded
Medical Oncology 38%
Internal Medicine 21%
Hematology 22%
Health Care Administration 8%
Oncology Nursing 6%
Radiation Oncology 6%
Allied Health (e.g. Psychology, Physical Therapy, Social Work, etc.) 4%
Oncology Pharmacy 4%
Pediatrics (including Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric Specialties) 1%
Other 4%
Not Applicable 33%